About Wen

Wen-Chi Chen (陳文綺) is a New York State Licensed Acupuncturist (Master of Health Science and Acupuncture) and a Certified Reiki Master/ Teacher.

Wen is a graduate of New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine where she studied Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Eastern Nutritional Therapy, Tui-Na bodywork and many other energy healing modalities. While there, she was awarded the highest academic excellence in her Masters studies.

Wen is a dedicated teacher and healer. She served as a professor and clinic director of the New York Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from 2002-2005, and has been teaching certified Reiki classes of all levels (both in English and Chinese) since 2011. In recent years she began exploring the incredible healing power of shamanism, learning energy healing and plant medicine especially from the Inca Shamanic traditions of the Amazon.

Drawing from her extensive resume of continuing education, research, and spiritual practice in the past decade, Wen has created a highly effective repertoire of unique healing techniques and heartfelt treatments to improve people's health and lives through a marriage of ancient eastern healing arts and cutting edge western technology.

Wen is passionate about helping people to come into their own healing gifts and realize their inner self and true life paths. She works with different healing modalities based on“Principle of the Whole”, bringing energy and light into one’s cellular consciousness, awakening inner power to heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. For each treatment, you will experience profound physical and emotional well being, inner peace and harmony.

陳文綺 Wen-Chi Chen簡介:
紐約執照針灸中醫師, 靈氣師父(Reiki Master)及治療師, 身心靈療癒導師, 新時代女性的覺知者, 藝術創作者.
近年來接受了宇宙靈氣大能的點化及學習印加薩滿能量療法, 致力於靈性持修及平衡的生活, 與眾人分享靜心和喜樂.


From some of Wen’s passionate clients:

► Reiki Healing -- “had an inspiring burst of energy.”
"My Reiki session with Wen was nothing short of a beautiful and relaxing experience. She treated me with warmth and care the moment she welcomed me in the door. I left my Reiki session feeling completely alive, clear minded, and had an inspiring burst of energy. I would highly recommend Wen's Reiki treatment to anyone looking to experience a complete body healing."
-- Ariane Hunter, New York --

► Acugems Facial Rejuvenation -- “Truly gave me inner balance and outer beauty!”
"My experience of Wen’s Acugems Facial Rejuvenation face-lift procedure : beside an overall clarity in skin tone, my jowl line is a lot firmer, and the puffiness under my eyes disappeared. More importantly, I felt a wonderful sense of calm well-being; I sleep better and my menopausal symptoms are dramatically relieved. Dr. Chen’s treatments truly gave me inner balance and outer beauty !"
-- May Li, 58 years old, New York --

► Acupuncture -- “I experienced immediate long-term improvement.”
I have been in Dr. Chen's care for a number of years, seeking treatment for everything ranging from allergies, back pain, stress-management, and common ailments such as the flu. The demands of my work both as a performing classical pianist and free-lance journalist require that I be in top physical and mental condition. Dr. Chen treated all these problems with acupuncture, supplemented with traditional Chinese Herbs. Not only have the acupuncture treatments provided immediate relief from my symptoms, but I also experienced immediate long-term improvement. In the case of strain on my back, the symptoms disappeared instantly without returning. Also, with the onset of colds or other respiratory infections Dr. Chen's treatment seemed to ward-off the illness altogether. Dr. Chen's intelligent and gentle manner is soothing and confidence inspiring. She patiently explains the course of treatment she will take the time to answer all questions and concerns. My health and overall well-being, and my career no less have benefitted immeasurably from Dr. Chen's expertise as a practitioner of Chinese medicine.
-- Kerstin Costa, New York --

► Acupuncture -- “all the pain draining away,…”
"I came to see Ms. Chen a few years ago for acupuncture treatments when I was in the middle of a severe migraine/cluster headache attack. The first revelation was that the needles were completely painless, far less noticeable than a mosquito bite. Next came the sensation of all the pain draining away, as though lifted by a magic wand. My whole system relaxed as I felt that I was actually able to breathe through my entire body. The experience is so calming and pleasant that it's hard to remember you are undergoing a medical treatment. The soothing neck and shoulder bodywork administered by Wen completed the session. As I walked out, I found it difficult to even imagine the pain I was in an hour earlier! Several sessions later, my headaches and their painful side effects on the rest of my body were completely gone and, surprisingly, I also felt rejuvenated!"
-- Zhenya Merkulova, New York --